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The following is an article from the Chigago Tribune (1930) announcing a futurist manifesto on food, a manifesto which would lead to the opening of futurist restaurants in Italy. Enjoy the racy Anglo-Saxon take.

Marinetti, father of Futurist art, literature and drama, has just issued from Rome a manifesto  launching Futurist cooking, according to word received yesterday from Paris. Practically everything connected with the traditional pleasures of the gourmet will be swept away.

No more spaghetti for the Italians.

No more knives and forks.

No more after dinner speeches will be tolerated by the new cult.

Details of the manifesto, published in the Comoedia, give the principal feature of the new cuisine as a rapid succession of dishes which contain but one mouthful or even a fraction of a mouthful.

In fact, in the ideal Futuristic meal, several dishes will be passed beneath the nose of the diner in order to excite his curiosity or to provide a suitable contrast, and such supplementary courses will not be eaten at all.

‘Since everything in modern civilisation tends towards elimination of weight and increased speed, the cooking of the future must be conform to the ends of evolution. The first step would be the elimination of edible pastes [i.e. pasta?] from the diet of the Italians’, Marinetti writes.

Modern science will be employed in the preparation of sauces and a device similar to litmus paper will be used in a futuristic kitchen in order to determine the proper degree of acidity or alkalinity  in any given sauce.

Music will be banished from the table except in rare instances when it will be used to sustain the mood of a former course until the next can be served.

The new futuristic meal will permit a literary influence to pervade the dining-room, for with ideal rapid service, by means of a single successive mouthfuls, an experience such as a love affair or a journey may be suggested.

Among the new kitchen and dining-room instruments suggested by Marinetti is an ‘ozonizer’ which will give to liquids the taste and perfume of the ozone, also ultra violet lamps to render certain chemicals in the cooking more active.

Also certain dishes will be cooked under high pressure, in order to vary the effects of the heat.

Electrolysis will also be used to decompose sugar and other extracts.

As a model for the presentation of a futuristic meal, M. Marinetti calls attention to a futuristic painting of a synthetic landscape made up of food stuffs by Fillìa. The landscape is composed of a roast of veal, stuffed with eleven kinds of vegetables, placed vertically upon a plate and crowned with honey.

This is one of the meals which, under the new system could not be attacked with a knife and fork and cut into haphazard sections before being eaten.

Besides the abolition of macaroni, Marinetti advocates doing away with ordinary condiments now in use, and a consistent lightening of weight and reduction of volume of food stuffs. The futurist leader also pleads for discontinuance of eating for pleasure.

For ordinary daily nourishment he recommends scientific nourishment by means of pills and powders, so that when a real banquet is spread it may be appreciated aesthetically.


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