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The list of Jewish Italian cookbooks and works on cooking history is substantial (see below), but the history of medieval and modern Italian-Jewish cooking is mostly shrouded in mystery. In the nineteenth-century there is one solitary reference in Artusi, then the first community cookbook Poesia Nascosta comes in 1931 in the period of fullest assimilation. Afterwards we have only memories – invented and otherwise – of Italian-Jewish food traditions. There would be a rich field here for someone interested in the study of oral transmission.

A limited bibliography of relevant works and studies might include the following – any others gratefully received!

Anon, Ricette ebraiche da Coquinaria con amore (online publication)

Anon, La cucina della memoria. Ricette giudaico-monferrine raccolte dai ricettari di famiglia, a cura della comunità ebraica di Casale Monferrato, Fondazione arte e storia della cultura ebraica a Casale Monferrato e nel Piemonte orientale (Onlus, 2001)

Belgrado Passigli, Milka Le ricette di casa mia, (Giuntina, 1993)

De Benedetti, Ines Poesia nascosta: Ricette di cucina ebraica in Italia (Adei, 1931 – republished in 1949)

Goldstein, Joyce Esersky Cucina Ebraica: Flavors of the Italian Jewish Kitchen (Chronicle Books 1999)

Limentani Pavoncello, Donatella Dal 1880 ad oggi: La cucina ebraica della mia famiglia (Carucci Editore 1982)

Loewenthal, Elena Buon appetito, Elia! (Baldini & Castoldi, 1998)

Machlin, Edda Servi The Classic Cuisine of the Italian Jews: Traditional Recipes and Menus and a Memoir of a Vanished Way of Life (Dodd, Mead, and Company 1981)

Malizia, Giuliano La cucina romana e ebraico-romanesca, (Newton e Compton Editori, 2001)

Norsa Pesaro, Valeria La cucina ebraica di casa nostra (Proedi, 2000)
Orvieta, Renata et altrii Le Nostre Ricette (1983)

Servi Machlin, Edda Classic Italian Jewish Cooking: Traditional Recipes and Menus (Eco books 2005)

Siporin, Steve ‘Venice and the Jews: Centuries of Cooking From the First Ghetto’, Los Angeles Times, October 24, (2001) Section H, 1-2

Siporin, Steve ‘From Kashrut to Cucina Ebraica: The Recasting of Italian Jewish Foodways’, The Journal of American Folklore, 107 (Spring, 1994), 268-281

Siporin, Steve ‘‘The Table of the Angel’ and Two Other Jewish-Venetian Food Customs’, Lares 50 (1989), 357-365

Siporin, Steve Continuity and Innovation in the Jewish Festivals of Venice, Italy. Ph.D. dissertation Folklore Department (Indiana University 1982)

Vitali Norsa, Giuliana Ascoli La cucina nella tradizione ebraica: ricette di cucina ebraica, italiana, askenazita e sefardita – raccolte da Giuliana Ascoli Vitali-Norsa dell’Adei-Wizo di Padova (Giuntina, 1987 – first published 1970) has kindly put up two of these works (Poesia Nascosta and Le Nostre Ricette)  on their website in pdf form.

There is also an online collection of recent recipes put together by the ladies of the Coquinaria con amore site.



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