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In a book published years ago by the Italian baker’s association, we find a cute legend about the invention of the Italian holiday cake, the panettone. In about the time when Da Vinci was doing his “Last Supper,” a young aristocrat by the name of Ughetto fell in love with a baker’s daughter, the beautiful Adalgisa. Ughetto could of course not get his parent’s approval of his young lover, and so he left his gilded cage and went to work for Adalgisa’s father as a baker’s assistant.

Ughetto was, however, not cut out for baking bread, and to make up for his lack of talent he began to experiment with the ingredients, adding eggs, candied fruit, and raisons until one day he hit upon the perfect combination and (taddah!) the panettone was born. The nearby Dominican monks were the first to fall in love with it, but its fame quickly spread all over Milan, and everyone lived happily ever after.  (Il pane e la sua storia by Arnaldo Luraschi, edited by Floriana Bivona, Edizione de “L’arte bianca”, Turin, 1945)  ZN


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