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Augustus Hare wrote the following paragraph on Italian food in the first chapter of his guide to Florence (‘the thinking man’s Baedeker’). At a date when many travellers were still eating Anglo-Saxon food or, at best, Franco-Italian concoctions it is interesting to see what Hare chose for his British readers.

A Good Luncheon at an Italian Ristorante – Spaghetti con Fegatini; Costale alia Milanese, con fagioli, or funghi all’ olio; Formaggio (cheese), or Dolce (sweet); Fragoli (wild strawberries); Vino Barolo, or Chianti, or Bianco Asciutto (dry white wine). Or, Fegato alia Veneziana, Crocchette con piselli, Insalata ; wine, Vernalese. Or Testina alia Parmegiana, con spinacche; Coscia di Vitello, con maccheroni, Capretto al Forno, Petto di Polio; wine, Volognano.


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