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My name is Zachary Nowak and I’ve been passionate about food history for the last five years. I studied history both for my undergraduate and graduate degrees (at Kenyon College, then Middlebury College, plus a semester at the University of Vienna) and find that food is a perfect lens with which to examine economics, politics, sociology, and history all together. I’m a big fan of the Annales school and Wallerstein’s concept of “historical social science” being a unified discipline.

I can’t say that I am a die-hard foodie in the sense that people normally imagine one. I enjoy cooking but don’t consider myself a spectacular cook, nor do I spend my weekends hunting for that last wild zucchini far up in the Apennines. To the contrary: I’m suspicious of “history as mystery”, and today’s penchant for “back in the good ol’ days we ate X and peace reigned”. This is not to say that I’d rather read about pizza than eat it.

This site is meant to be a source for both academic musings as well as reheatings of food news I find around. I hope it is useful. Feel free to contact me at z DOT nowak AT greendoor DOT it

Posted October 20, 2010 by zachmon

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