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Bongarzoni – Pranzi d’autore   Leave a comment

Pranzi d’autore: Le migliori ricette nei capolavori della letteratura [Authored Meals: The Best Recipes from the Classics of Literature] (Oretta Bongarzoni). Bongarzoni begins with a quotation from Joseph Conrad that, in a very real sense, she spends the rest of the book undermining:  ‘Of all the books produced since the most remote age by human talents and industry those only that treat of cooking are, from a moral point of view, above suspicion.’ Certainly she has brought together a curious and potent series of recipes for dishes mentioned by great authors from Tolstoy (raspberry icecream) to ‘Moses’ (manna!). The detective work behind this slim volume (145 pp.) stands in her having sought out credible ingredients and procedures to substantiate fleeting allusions. Italian content low – four authors out of thirty four – and surprising. So there is Lampedusa but also Comisso, Nievo and Tabucchi. (Riuniti 1994). SY


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Gvion ‘What’s Cooking in America’   Leave a comment

Gvion, Liora ‘What’s Cooking in America? Cookbooks Narrate Ethnicity’, Food, Culture and Society, 12 (2009), 53-76 : ‘This paper rests on an analysis of 1,309 cookbooks, published in the United States from 1850 though 1990.’ Exploration of American identity with – naturally given the importance of Italian immigration to the ‘Short America’ – high Italian content. SY

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