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It’s frustrating to be researching a topic, find a bibliographic reference that seems promising, but not be able to find a review of the book in question. Amazon and Google have done much to resolve this situation but it is still a problem. Those who find Roberto Minervini’s Storia della pizza listed in food bibliographies should beware. The book is very nicely printed: beautiful paper with a sepia-colored ink and delightful pen-drawn illustrations. What the book makes up in charm, it lacks in content. The same old tales about pizza’s origins are recycled, with little or nothing added. To be fair, it doesn’t seem like Roberto Minervini had accademic pretenses, but one still has to think hard while pondering how this book appears in the Works Cited sections of food histories. The book is in Italian, has been out of print for years, and is difficult to come by.  (Società Editrice Napoletana, 1973)  ZN

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Pizza — Helstosky   Leave a comment

Pizza: A Global History (Carol Helstosky) – Another delightful volume in the Edible series by Reaktion books (together with already published Hamburger, Spices, and Pancake, as well as others forthcoming), small volumes which combine an elegant format and attention to detail with academic excellence in the monograph. Helstosky (author of Garlic and Oil: Food and Politics in Italy) chronicles the rise of the pizza in three leaps: onto the plate in Naples, across the Atlantic to the United States, and from there to a position of global culinary dominance. The book is as entertaining as it is solid.

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La Cecla — Pasta and Pizza   Leave a comment

Pasta and Pizza (Franco La Cecla) – In this charming little volume, originally published in Italian, La Cecla traces how pasta and pizza—two foods not widely eaten until the twentieth century in Italy—came to embody national identity. Both pasta and pizza are treated individually, and both are followed from the Risorgimento through the exodus of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Especially interesting is the discussion of the “creation” of Italian cuisine outside of Italy’s borders.

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Ades ‘Vergil (Or Aeneas) et Pizza’   Leave a comment

Ades, John I. ‘Vergil (Or Aeneas) et Pizza’, The Classical Journal 64 (1969), 268. A jocular one-page attempt to find the origins of pizza in book VII of the Aeneid where Aeneas and his men eat their ‘tables’ – food had been spread out on pastry bases. ‘There you have it: wheaten base – slender cakes – fateful circles of crust crowned with a mixture of food – in this case, fruit, but the dearth of pepperoni in those innocent years can easily account for this culinary felicity’. SY

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